Apple Spinach Smoothie

This whole smoothie thing is totally new to me but I love it. this morning’s smoothie was apple spinach. 0MG!!! The bomb. The ingredients are 1 whole red delicious apple cored and about a cup of frozen spinach. That’s right, frozen spinach, one cup of organic apple juice, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Dare I say perfection. I have a smoothie everyday. Usually I use fresh fruit and vegetables but I ran out of fresh greens this morning. I have used frozen fruits in the past so why not use frozen veggies. Right? Well it’s on. Besides, I prefer my smoothies cold anyway. I have had a few that were practically soup.
Frozen vegetables are move cost effective than fresh. Frozen don’t wilt as quickly. Prep time is cut because the produce are already cut up which helps with portion control and waste management. Certain produce will still have to be cut up until I can find them frozen. Or I can buy, cut, and freeze them one my own. These include cucumber, parsely, kale, carrots, celery, apple, … that’s all I can think of right now.
So, if You aren’t doing so already, consider using frozen vegetables in your smoothies.




2015 is here and boy, has it come in with massive challenges. I love a challenge. I say bring it on. What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger. Royal Affairs is in full effect. There has been an addition to the business. Body waxing and massage. We are offering a happy hour on Fridays and Saturdays from 3pm until 4pm. All wax services are preformed by a licensed esthetician whose work is flawless.

Best way to find out is to experience . Drop in or call for and appointment.

6634 Bancroft Ave


Hope to see you soon.

Can’t get proper sleep

This has been a hard week so far. I started smoothly but got weird. My favorite people go back to school soon. YAY!!! free days. I still have so much to do. School supplies, check.New clothes, check. New shoes, check. Hair styled… ok, ok, tomorrow.  I don’t want to. I will.  So anyway, as I began this post; strange days. I drifted into a mild depression this week. This hasn’t happened in a long time. I just didn’t want to get out of bed except for daily hygiene rituals and to relive my self. I guess that’s actually positive.  I haven’t been sleeping well. It would be nice to sleep alone. I share the bed with my spouse who sleeps angry it seems.He turns all night and uses me as a pillow. I have to shake him off all night long. This is not spooning. I wake up with bruises some times. Are we fighting? I have taken to my couch. My couch is not for sleeping.
So tonight I find myself writing and watching YouTube videos.


I love this blog. So helpful to an experienced novice like me.

Here is another great blog. Who’s interested in anti-aging?

This one contains most of my interests all wrapped up in one place.

Peace, Love, and Light

New guest

I am so blessed to be employed in an occupation that is people based.  I meet new and exciting people daily. I have come learn that everyone wants what the other has. Those with straight hair come to get their hairs curled while the curly-haired people come to get theirs straightened. No one is completely pleased with what they’re born with. My recent flood of new guests have me in stitches.

There is the guy that doesn’t stop talking. He comes in for finger waves every week. Currently, he is a farmer but that old “player” personality pokes his head out every once in a while. I guess you can take the player out of the game but you can’t take the game out of the player. The guy is hilarious. So colorful. Love him.

Then there is the lady that comes in weekly. “As needed” she calls it. Her service is a shampoo and flat-iron. She has a problem with kids that live next door to her. She doesn’t speak too kindly of these children at all. She describes these babies as devil spawn. I’m being nice. I had come to the conclusion that she doesn’t like children. Oh, she loves children. She has three of her own. She just despises her neighboring children. A girl and a boy. You would think these kids tried to set her afire or something like that. Let us pray for the babies.

I’ll speak on one more. My favorite so far. I smile as I think of her. This woman absolutely loves herself. I can do no wrong with the hair. She has not missed an appointment since we met. I have made all precautions to set up safety nets just in case one of us cannot make an appointment. She said none of the precautions are needed because she will never miss a scheduled appointment because she lives for her salon days. If I am unable to make a date, well that just won’t happen. “Myra, you live here. You will not miss an appointment. Better not.” This is the Royal Affairs personality. Royalty is attracted to royalty.

Gratefully grateful.

Total facial waxing

I wax my own brows. Which is a no-no. I do a pretty good job. Not always the best it’s a good thing you can fill in the blanks with a brow pencil or eyeliner. I don’t wax my sideburns. I like that facial hair. I wax  my chin but only when it gets out of hand. I usually tweaze. I waxed my lip for the fist time since beauty school. Now I remember why I don’t wax my lip. Not Pretty. Lets’s just say makeup and duct tape doesn’t fix everything. That is all I’ll say about that.

Relaxer 101

Here we go. If you are going to have relaxer applied to your hair it is very important that you or or stylist know the type and condition of your hair. Relaxers are most damaging when you go all willy nilly and apply super strength to fine textured hair because you want it super straight. Foolishness. Also damaging is when relaxer is applied too soon between straightening services. This is addictive behavior and should be checked. One should go the suggested time before a touch-up. In the meantime stay moisturized. Natural oils with one ingredient listed are the best for us; olive oil, sesame oil, and jojoba. Stay away from petroleum based products; mineral oil, bees wax… because they are drying and cause build up. Basically its all about loving yourself from head to toe.